About Us

Pronto Pizza was founded in 1994. We are based in Newfoundland, Canada. Our original store located at Villa Nova Plaza, Manuels, quickly gained popularity and excellent reputation in Conception Bay South. In 1998 we moved to a much better and three times bigger space on the same plaza. Since then we’ve made interior changes and renovated number of times with one intention in mind, providing better service and comfort for our customers and employees.

For all the years in business, we’ve kept close relationship with our customers. We believe that genuinely caring and always taking the time to listen to our customers, is the key to our success…. not to mention we make fabulous pizza.

By continuously improving our equipment and facility, we try to provide better quality food and greater customer service, while keeping our prices affordable. A lot has changed since 1994, but two things remain the same:

  1. The owners work at the store every day, to make sure food is prepared to the highest standards
  2. You’ll get that great tasting pizza, just the way you want it, always fresh, always consistent

Introducing Pronto Pizza website in 1997 was exciting and challenging venture. We’ve changed the look at least 7 times since then and we are still learning the best ways to incorporate new technology in the food business. We feel that staying tuned with online presents and particularly with social media is necessary these days. Majority of our customers are young people, who are very advanced in this field. Trying to be the best in service, we continue make every effort to go along with the needs of today’s generation.

Our website is the place where you will learn about the latest when it comes to the introduction of new items on our menu, specials, adding a new service or any news at all about our company. We’ll be very pleased to get your opinion or ideas on different subjects. To help us achieve the highest possible customer service in the business, please feel free to contact us at any time. We are here to listen.


We always use the freshest ingredients possible. We also do our best to support local farmers and butcher shops. Everything in our shop is made from scratch, nothing is pre-cooked. We’re true gourmet pizza shop unlike the big franchises where everything comes pre-packed and workers don’t even know what they’re serving their customers.


We believe that food is not just nutrition or necessity. Nothing brings people together like a good meal. It’s about sharing, about spending time together, about memories, events current and future… Pronto Pizza has been a part of this community since 1994, we’ve seen kids grow up and now they brings their own kids over for pizza. This makes us a family.


Do one thing, but do it right! Many folks wonder why we haven’t expanded our menu… We believe perfection is in simplicity. You can’t possibly become an expert in a certain product, if you have 100 products to worry about. For us it comes to finding the perfect combination of basic ingredients, crushed tomatoes, spices, dough, cheese and meats and putting together a masterpiece. We’re still around, stronger than ever… this proves our philosophy.